Water vs Oil

Research shows that water is incredibly important for the skin and its ability to function optimally.


Contrary to what most people think, however, water is essential not only for the deeper layers of the skin, but in particular for the outermost skin layer. It needs water to function optimally and protect us from foreign substances and fluid loss.

The skin’s natural ability to repel dead skin cells also depends on there being water in the outermost skin layer. The enzymes that repel the dead skin cells as part of the skin’s natural cycle are water-soluble. They therefore need water in the dead skin cells to be active and able to perform this important function.


Oil and fats in the skin’s own ceramides are important, but you should focus on getting the skin to produce the necessary fats itself rather than adding them yourself, as this can have a number of negative consequences for the skin.

Among other things, oils, especially short-chain oils (eg olive oil and others), dissolve the protein bonds in the skin, which weakens the skin’s barrier function and other important functions. The problem gets bigger the more often you use oils on the skin.

In addition, skin care oils cannot replace the skin’s own lack of sebum (the skin’s own fat). You therefore cannot cure dry skin by applying oils and fatty creams to the skin, at best it only alleviates the symptoms. In the worst case, it prevents the skin from functioning optimally.

When you apply oils to the skin, it also results in the enzymes that are supposed to repel the dead skin cells becoming inactive and unable to perform their function. The result of this is dry, dull skin with a weakened barrier function.

By instead using water-based skin care products and infusing the skin with ingredients that help the skin gain a higher water content, such as hyaluronic acid and betaine, it is able to produce the nutrients it needs on its own. The result is a well-balanced, moisturized skin.

Our water-based serums are developed to increase the water concentration in the skin with ingredients that help the skin to attract and retain water. Simply use our Day Care Serum during the day and our Night Care Serum at night to achieve healthy, hydrated skin.