Why certifications?

Yes, that's a good question. Do we really have to pay for these schemes and do they do something that we can't otherwise find out for ourselves? The short answer is yes, and especially when it comes to cosmetic products. Cosmetic products have a duty to declare, but which normal consumer actually understands what is written on the back of the products?

As a consumer, we may know two to three of the ingredients in the ingredients list. To be honest, I still find it difficult to see what a product contains, and I work with it every day. All the certification schemes we work with are based on deep competences within their field. In short, the regulations help ensure that we, as manufacturers, can guarantee you as a consumer with greater certainty that the product contains what the product claims to contain.

It sounds somewhat abstract that we cannot trust a product to be what it says it is. But when we talk about words like “ecology” and “natural”, these terms have very broad and often misused uses. Within the certification schemes, however, there are clear definitions of the designations, which make the use and meaning clearer for all of us.

For example, when we use the word “natural” about ingredients, it means that no synthetic materials have been used in the processes of developing the ingredients. And when something is “organic”, there are requirements for how a plant is grown, including that no chemicals are sprayed, but also how the raw material is subsequently processed. This in itself requires a very high level of knowledge about the product’s place of origin, all the way to the specific field, to the processing site, as well as to control the road between point A and B to ensure that the product has not been exchanged for a similar product , which are of the same kind but do not meet the same high standards. This is all something the certifications help us manage and secure.

Something that is also not so well explained is that “natural” and “organic” ingredients can easily be harmful to us. Allergy is just one of the ways these substances can harm us.