AiiA Care´s two certifications: Ecocert COSMOS & Allergy Certified

Ecocert COSMOS

Ecocert COSMOS is a certification for sustainable development. COSMOS is an international standard for natural cosmetics. Ecocert COSMOS requires that at least 5% of the product is organic and 50% of the ingredients must come from organic plants. The standard was developed by five organisations, including Ecocert, with the aim of creating harmony and clarity in the certification of organic and natural cosmetics.

Ecocert is originally a French brand that certifies natural and organic products. Many different types of products carry the label, including personal care products, paints, cleaning products and textiles. They encourage the use of ingredients from organic farming, as well as the use of recyclable raw materials. In addition, they set requirements for the production methods used in the manufacture of cosmetics, so that production does not have a harmful effect on the environment. The environmental toxicity (toxicity) and biodegradability of the natural ingredients is a criterion to be certified with Ecocert COSMOS.

The packaging of Ecocert-labelled products is always made of recyclable materials.

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Allergy Certified

For us at AiiA, it is important that our products can be used by everyone without causing allergies or other discomforts. That is why we are Allergy Certified. They work to prevent allergies and reduce the risk of having an allergic reaction such as redness, itching and swelling from using skin care products. Allergy Certified focuses on the toxicological effects of all the ingredients in a product, with a particular focus on contact allergies.

Contact allergy, also called skin allergy, is an allergy you can get if your skin comes into contact with allergenic substances. For example, you can get skin allergies from perfumes and certain preservatives. Your risk of developing skin allergies increases the longer you are in contact with the substance. How often you come into contact with the substance is also important. It also matters what kind of products you use, depending on where they are applied and how long they stay on your skin. People of all ages and genders can get contact allergy and because it is a chronic condition, you will have to live with the challenges it brings for the rest of your life. Children are particularly at risk and more and more children are having skin reactions to skin care products. Allergy Certified products are therefore designed to prevent the development of contact allergies, as well as being suitable for those who already have a contact allergy.

All Allergy Certified products have been thoroughly tested by a toxicologist, who has carried out a risk assessment of every ingredient in the product. CAS numbers, INCI names and concentrations have all been inspected. Following the investigation, all certified products are also sample tested. In addition, Allergy Certified has strict requirements for the information obtained from manufacturers. In addition to adequate information on each ingredient, its concentration in the product, and the name in the international language of chemists (INCI), information is required on the raw materials of the product, i.e. the ingredients of the product. In this way, they can ensure that there are no hidden allergenic or endocrine disrupting substances in the raw materials of the product.

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The AiiA formula is based on scientific insight

All AiiA Cares products are certified with Allergy Certified and Ecocert COSMOS Natural. The two certifications build on deep expertise in each field and help us all ensure our claims are backed by experts.

It’s one thing to be able to assess whether an ingredient works well for your skin’s appearance, quite another to be able to assess whether that same ingredient has toxic, endocrine disrupting and/or bioaccumulative effects.

Such an assessment requires expertise. When you choose to use certified products, you protect yourself. Certifications guarantee that our products are safe to use without harming your body, nature and the environment.

AiiA’s two schemes complement each other most optimally. Both in terms of the environment, with certified natural ingredients and packaging, and in terms of an allergy-free everyday life. You can read more about the three certifications below.

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