Our packaging

Our approach is that packaging should not be harmful to you or the environment. We want it to be clean, safe and chemical-free. The same goes for the production processes and procedures. In addition, we want to reduce the use of packaging. That is why we do not have double packaging such as cardboard boxes or cellophane. Furthermore, we work with what is called airpumps. Which makes  sure that all the serum is pumped out of the bottle.

Why not glass?

Glass is basically sand that is heated and melted, and can in a way be called “natural” packaging. But it’s very energy-intensive and the end product is heavy. This means that the CO2-footprint on glass packaging is very high.

Glass packaging cannot be airtight and we would therefore be forced to add preservatives to our serums.

In addition, a glass bottle needs to have a plastic pump to get the serum out of the bottle.

That is to say, that we would mix two types of materials in the same package.  Which is bad for our recycling systems, because it needs to be seperated in order for it to be recycled.

Last but not least: after recycling, the glass loses its usefulness as it will be mixed with other types of glass. For example, you cannot make clear glass from recycled glass.

What about bioplastics?

Our dispensers also include bioplastics, which are conventional plastics that are simply not produced from fossil sources such as oil and gas, but instead come from biomass such as sugar cane. This means that bioplastics have a better CO2-profile, and the source of the product is also sustainable, which means, it does not use resources on the earth that cause irreversible damage.

Plastic, however, is not biodegradable. This means that it cannot be broken down by nature itself. Just because it is called “bio” plastict, it can’t naturally dissolve.

Therefore, plastic should be kept completely away from nature and, in our opinion, should only be used for products that are not used in nature. Although our skin care products are natural, they do not have their typical use in nature. The risk of the packaging ending up as garbage in nature is therefore very small, and this was also the reason for our decision to use plastic for our packaging. Remember to put it in the recycling bin.


Possibility of recycling

AiiA Care’s packaging is primarily made of PP plastic (polypropylene), selected based on the recyclability and air-tightness of the materials. Emballagen can be found at be remelted and reused up to 35 times. In addition, the airtightness means that we can avoid the use of preservatives such as parabens in our skincare products and the packaging can be emptied completely. This ensures that there is no product waste.

In the actual production of the packaging, as little material as possible is used. The packaging itself is very light – a indicator that the ratio between product quantity and packaging quantity is in your favour as a consumer.

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