The story behind AiiA

Life has brought me from Norway to Denmark, where I have three lovely children and two wonderful bonus children. But at the age of 41 I got breast cancer. During treatment I was filled with chemotherapy and radiation. Today I am healthy, but the disease set in motion a reflective process in me: How could I live a cleaner life and reduce the risk of getting sick again?

We live in a world where there are conditions in our daily lives that we cannot control. Newspapers write about poison in drinking water, about pollution of the environment, about toys suddenly being banned because of dangerous content. Uncertainty about what might happen to us next is a condition of life in itself.

But luckily, good things can also come into your life by accident!

In the period after the illness I came by a stroke of luck in contact with a man from Funen, named Steen Jorsal. He was developing a whole new concept of skin care, based on non-commercial research into what the skin does to care for and protect itself .

Based on the nature of the skin and the latest science, he had developed two serums with only environmentally friendly, natural and hypoallergenic ingredients: one serum to apply during the day, and one to use at night. The two serums complemented each other with care, moisture and protection – in short, everything the skin needed to function optimally. The products were water-based and contained only a small amount of fat to bind the ingredients together.

The farm on Funen, where it all started.

According to him, the serums should have a strong functional importance for skin health. “Just as autumn dust nurtures grass and plants when left on the ground in winter, the outermost dead skin cells are necessary for healthy skin. In the process of decomposition, the cells send important information to the fresh underlying layers about what they need to contain to best protect the skin. Through the serums, we provide moisture and care to the dead skin cells,” he said.

I was sceptical. Ever since my youth, I’ve cared about my skin, and I’ve always gone for products that were recommended by professionals. But I thought about it anyway, and wanted to test the products. Could I now get my old, beautiful skin back where the chemo and radiation had left its mark? I decided to give it a try and started testing. After just four weeks, I could see and feel a clear change in my skin. It had become more moisturised, glowing and had a more even skin tone. My boyfriend and also my friends, remarked unsolicited that I looked “great” and that my skin seemed so healthy.

I was then at a place in my life where I didn’t think I had anything to lose. I had recovered from cancer and I had it all ahead of me. I decided to go for it!

I called Fyn and asked if I could be part of the further development of the serials. Not only as a mediator and journalist for the Norwegian market, but also for the Danish market and the whole world. I said that I wanted to be their partner if they wanted me. And they would, thankfully!

I was at a point in my life where I didn’t think I had anything to lose. I had recovered from cancer and I had it all ahead of me. I decided to take a chance and use my journalism background to spread the word that “skin can do it.”

The last few years have been an amazing journey, establishing and building “AiiA” which became the name of our brand. The word “AiiA” itself doesn’t have a specific meaning, but it symbolizes balance and is a small salute to all of our Mother Earth “Gaia.”

We wanted our brand to exude simplicity and purity, science and certification, and enlisted the help of a super-talented design team: Maj Henriques (Creative Notes) and Dennis Müller (WAITT) to create our logo and visual identity. We’ve been really happy with this collaboration.

Because all our ingredients are naturally certified, it was an obvious choice for us to apply and become certified with Allergy Certified and Ecocert COSMOS. These two schemes represent a security and a reassurance also for you as consumers that it is a sustainable, natural and hypoallergenic product choice.

Then you might be thinking: Does the world really need another skincare brand? At least that was the question I asked myself at first when I first heard about the serums. Yes, I mean we are coming up with something that is new. From the testers who have used the serums over time, we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Many say that AiiA Care is the only thing that balances their skin and that they can feel that it has become more healthy and resilient.

As well as having the best-looking skin of my life, I feel safe in the knowledge that I am not putting endocrine disrupting, allergenic and otherwise toxic substances on my skin and my children’s bodies.

I think we’re coming up with something timely: a simple skincare routine that supports and accelerates the processes already naturally present in the skin. When you use AiiA, you’re “collaborating” with your own skin. Because your skin can do it – and it couldn’t be more sustainable!

AiiA Care was created based on the philosophy that healthy skin is beautiful skin and based on a scientific insight into how the skin works.

Trine, owner of AiiA

AiiA Care is based on the philosophy that healthy skin is beautiful skin and on a scientific understanding of how skin works. The water-based serums keep the outermost layer of the skin(stratum corneum) just moist enough for the skin’s own ingenious ecosystem to kick in. The serums help keep your skin moist and breathable, helping to naturally slough off dead skin cells in the outermost layer while passing on important properties to the living, fresh cells in the layers below.
What AiiA basically “does” for the skin is to provide that the dead cells in the outermost layer of the skin have as high a concentration of water as possible. Research shows that there needs to be a minimum of 15% water content in the dead skin cells for the skin to have a healthy immune system and function optimally. Removing or scrubbing off the outer layers of skin, or covering the skin with oils and thick creams, upsets and stresses the skin’s natural balance. This means that oils left on the skin prevent optimal skin function and care, as oils tend to prevent the natural breakdown of bonds between dead skin cells. This makes it difficult for the dead skin cells to shed and fall off naturally.

The molecules that cause aging of the skin are called “Reactive Oxygen Species” (ROS). These are molecules that destroy cell membranes, DNA and important enzyme processes in the skin. Further damage is done by UV rays, smoking, stress, chemicals, screen radiation and other external influences. In optimal cellular function, cells are able to “neutralise” and remove ROS, so the overall priority in skin care is to help the skin neutralise ROS before it does damage.

AiiA’ s products support the skin’s optimal cellular function and help to neutralise ROS by ensuring that the cells in the outermost layer of the skin have as high a concentration of water as possible.

AiiA Care has been developed to support the skin’s own ecosystem, keeping the skin resilient and elastic throughout life. The care range contains certified, pure ingredients and is sustainably produced on Funen.

For an optimal effect and impact, the use of AiiA Care products for a minimum of three months so that all skin layers complete their cycle. In the beginning, it may feel like your skin is not getting enough moisture and may seem a little tight. If necessary, apply another layer and be patient. Your skin will find its own natural balance and the feeling of softness and elasticity will return. All it takes is one day serum and one night serum, with ingredients that effectively complement each other and provide care and protection to the skin.

With AiiA Care, the skin is well protected against pollution, synthetic substances, chemicals and radiation.